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North Point understands that periodic maintenance and renewal are important for preserving the integrity and value of common areas and association-owned property. An effective preventative and corrective maintenance program is necessary to ensure Owner satisfaction, as well as to increase property values.

North Point will assist your community, through the board members, in determining the ongoing maintenance needs of the association and establishing programs to meet those needs within the allowed budget. North Point has experienced staff and a reliable, proven roster of expert vendors to ensure that common area maintenance is properly performed in a pro-active and cost-effective manner. We also utilize a work order system that ensures effective responses to all service requests, and the ability of the board and owners to check the status of work order reports online.

We will supervise and schedule the work of the person performing routine repairs and maintenance. We can, and often do, provide a skilled maintenance technician from our staff to do this work. However, many of our client communities use their own employees or properly insured contractors, to perform routine maintenance under our direction. We manage the arrangements that make the best sense for each community.

Selection and Supervision of Contractors We carefully recruit and oversee the work of contractors. We do not impose the use of particular contractors on clients. Although the board controls a selection of contractors, this does not diminish our responsibility to recommend capable contractors and to properly supervise the work of whoever is ultimately retained.

Special Construction Assistance Our aim is to make good use of all of our senior personnel so that we do the best job as your management staff. Often, that includes the time of our construction managers. Our construction manager periodically assess property managers with analysis of unusual building problems in order to avoid unnecessary engineering services and to help create better bid specifications.

Emergency Service Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. In the event of an emergency, calls after hours will be handled by our emergency on-call manager. Please note, phone calls placed to the emergency line after 5:00 PM may be billable to the unit owner. Emergencies are those matters related to flood or fire. All other matters should wait until the next business day.  Please note that calls made to the emergency line that are not true emergencies will be assessed $65.00 to the owner’s account.


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