The Magic of Saving with Ebates

Ebates has turned out to me a huge money saver for our family. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, I mean who else is going to pay you money to shop?!? I signed up last October and have already gotten $45 back in cold hard cash! Their program is very simple; it requires minimal work from you in order to get that quarterly cash back check in the mail.

How do you save money with Ebates

How does Ebates work? First you need to setup an account by going here. Once you have an account created you can start shopping! Ebates has partnered with over 1,800 stores, so odds are most if not all of the places you currently shop with online will be a partner. It’s important that every time you want to purchase online you go to Ebates first and click the start shopping link of the store. There are a couple of ways you can find a store. First, you could just type the store you are looking for into the search bar. Second, you could click the “All Stores” link in the top navigation and scroll through their list of all their options. Third, you could simply use one of the featured store links on the homepage. Below is example of a couple options I could use if I wanted to shop at Kohls and earn cash back.


find store on ebates
You can search for your favorite stores on eBays or use the quick links on their homepage.


Ways to maximize you Ebates cash back

If you want to maximize your savings it’s best to sign up for Ebates’ emails. Every day Ebates has what they’ve dubbed the daily double. A daily double is when the percentage of cash back is double the typical amount. Taking advantage of the daily double is always a great time to maximize your savings. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the percentage back for any store will stay the same. Keep in mind, Ebates is constantly changing their percent back and there are even times when store will stop having a percent back all together.

Examples of big cash back savings on Ebates

Where do I save the most? Good question! I find that I save the biggest at Petco; we have quite a few cats in our household and they are always in need of food and litter. If you sign up for the Petco Pals program you can combine big savings from Petco with savings from Ebates (I have seen 6% back at Petco before!). As a result, stacking Petco sales, Petco’s Pals 5% back program and Ebates can really cut down the costs of your furry household members!


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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