Spray Paint Magic – Ceiling Fan Transformation

When we first moved into our house there wasn’t a single ceiling fan installed. Being that we live in Florida we knew something had to change because it gets hot and the electric bill get’s crazy high. It really shocked me when we went to our local home improvement stores and we had trouble finding a ceiling fan for under a $100. With the steep price and the number of room in our house I knew it was time to get crafty! My parents were upgrading the ceiling fans at their place so I got the out casts and decided to get to work on making them look sparkly new for our house.

Here is subject A – The original ceiling fan: 

Before Ceiling Fan Picture
What the ceiling fan looked like before.

It’s pretty ugly right? Well if you squint and look a little deeper you can see it wasn’t all bad. The fan had a tropical feel (fitting for Florida) and you could tell it was an expensive well built fan. Our house is all dark wood finishes and rubbed oil bronze on the fixtures throughout the house. So now I am going to show you how we made this ceiling fan match our house.

Ceiling fan transformation
The completed ceiling fan transformation.


(1) Can Spray Paint – color of your choosing. I recommend going for a metal finish.

(1) Can of Varnish – Color that matches your household furniture

(3) Cheap Foam Brushes

(1) Screw driver for disassembly


  1. Disassemble the fan. Don’t forget to label the parts so you know how to put it back together again.
  2. Sand and varnish each fan blade. The amount of coats required depends on how dark you want your fan blades to look. This fan that I did has two coats.
  3. Next it’s time to spray paint. I broke down a box that we had our cat food delivered in and used that to protect our driveway. It’s going to take at least two coats. I sprayed one side of the fan then let dry, rotated and sprayed the back half I missed in my first pass.
  4. Let everything dry! This one is important or you are going to have your hands covered in paint and stain. I learned the hard way that you should really let your pieces dry for a good two or three days before reassembling your fan.
  5. Once you have your fan put back together it’s ready to hang. It’s important to note that since you painted your blades things maybe slightly off balance. If you find your fans wobbles go to your local hardware store and pick up some weights or you can simply add pennies. It was a huge trial and error but it was worth getting a fan for under $20! If you want to avoid having to fuss with the fan blades you can also pick up fan replacements blades in varying colors at your local home improvement store.


before and after fan
Before and after ceiling fan spray paint transformation.

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