Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Scones

Mmm, scones. They’re a breakfast staple around our house, especially for busy mornings. These chocolate chip scones are perfect with a cup of coffee or eaten on the go. My husband likes to enjoy one as a late-night snack. They stand up well to a few seconds in the microwave if you like them warm, too.

I’ve made these many times, usually late at night when I realize we’re out of breakfast options for the morning. They come together fast, and they don’t take long to bake. There’s just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine while the house fills with the smell of chocolate. I think I could make these scones in my sleep, and I’ve certainly dreamed about them.

My tips:

  • Use chocolate chips! I get tired of chopping, chopping, chopping chocolate, so I toss in a cup of chocolate chips instead. But if you like chopping up chocolate bars, go for it.
  • Extra cream: I usually need an extra tablespoon or two of cream to fully bring the dough together. So feel free to splash a bit more cream in the bottom of the bowl to get all those delicious crumbs.
  • I cut the dough into eight pieces instead of six.

I haven’t made any changes to this recipe, so I’m just going to send you over to Serious Eats to check out the recipe there. I love their site, and the directions for these scones are excellent.


Get the recipe at Serious Eats!


Mmm, scones. They're a breakfast staple around our house, especially on busy mornings when we need something quick. These chocolate chip scones are perfect with a cup of coffee.

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