One of my favorite parts about cooking is the adventure. Any time I see a dish that I’ve never eaten, I know I can look up recipes online and try to make it myself. Many new foods I’ve had for the first time because I made them myself. Once I developed a good understanding of basic cooking skills, I had more successes than flops, which boosted my cooking confidence and encouraged me to keep exploring. One of my favorite cooking adventures was madeleines.

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Boozy Cherry Sherbet

Early Saturday morning, in the sticky depths of July, I loaded up on cherries. A local produce co-op was selling Washington cherries, and I lugged the 20-lb box to my car with glee. The smile disappeared when I got home and realized the cherries were less than ideal. They were marred from weather damage and not sweet. Still, I pitted and froze them, wondering what exactly I’d do with all these cherries.

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Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I grew up eating homemade muffins – at breakfast, tucked into my lunchbox, as an after-school snack, and even as treat after dinner. My mom’s specialty was blueberry. They were so good, and I begged for them on special occasions like my birthday. Every summer, we trekked to a local berry patch and picked fresh blueberries which we froze ourselves, so we had muffins all year long.

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