3 Ways to Save Even More on Ikea!

  1. As Is Section – This has to be my favorite part of Ikea. The As Is section is comprised of items that have been returned, floor samples, damaged items and discontinued items. The deals that can be found here are incredible at times. I found my office desk in there for $9.99! This desk was originally $150 so despite it have a good sized dent on the back of the desk I scooped it up without much thought. I will say typically the savings you find in the As Is section are only a savings up to 50%. I have noticed that if items are unbuilt and still in their boxes with damage that is when you find the deep discounts. Now the sign located outside of the section says that there is no bargaining however, we have found there is some wiggle room with that. We bought a sofa recently that was only marked down 40% percent and we got them to come down to 50%. I have heard from the associates that they are allowed to come down to 50% but anything greater than that a manager would need to do it.
  2. Ikea Family Card – Is a powerful card and it comes at no cost to you! You can signup online at Ikea.com or at in store kiosk. So you may be asking what perks does this card give me? Well the list is a long one!  Every month Ikea release special discounts available to Ikea Family Card holder only. Be on the lookout for their monthly emails or the signs posted on the select items in store. Monday through Friday you can pickup a free coffee or tea with your membership card. The Ikea Family Card also qualifies you for an extra 30 minutes of time in the child care center, Småland. You get an extended 90 price protection on your purchases with the Family Card, so if the price of an item you purchase drop within 90 days you can return to store for a refund of the difference. Lastly, every time you purchase something and have your Ikea Family Card scanned you are entered into a drawing for a $100 Ikea Gift Card!
  3. Craigslist – I never make a furniture purchase without scoping out our local craigslist first. People are constantly have moving sales and we are within a hour of a major university that has college kids dumping furniture at the end of every semester! We have found so many amazing deals on bookcases, outdoor patio furniture, ect. I can’t stress enough how great it is to have Craigslist in your savings tool bag!

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